Enjoy really good cigars!

For the sake of repetition, I won’t include all that this time, but encourage you in check it out. The Naturales is the kind of cigar that speaks to the days of old, where cigars were mostly in the middle range with predictable flavors. As there’s definitely still a market for this kind of cigar, consumers tastes have largely changed over the past decade or so. People want bolder flavours and more strength. Call it the cultural charm with extreme sports and\/or lifestyle. Better yet, now that individuals have been exposed to all the flavour a cigar can provide, they simply want more.

For the Partagas brand, the answer to this call is the Partagas Black Label. It had been made to give smokers more flavour and strength and also to change the way people though about traditional cigar companies. One look at the Black Label and everyone can see that Partagas made a bold statement with its release. There are various vitolas of the Black Label available, with all, but four have a ring gauge of at least 54: Gigante, Piramide, Magnifico, Crystal Tubo, Clasico, Colossal, Bravo, Purito, Pronto, and Maximo. Partagas\/General Cigars sent the Magnifico to us. It’s got a dark brown, almost black wrapper that’s veiny and has visible seams. 

It’s got a nice oily sheen to it as well. There’s one small tear near the band, but it’s insignificant. The stick looks well packed. The triple cap is flush, but the lines are a little jagged. The band is similar to the traditional Partagas label, but with a black background instead. The design is still gold with white print, which helps the black background stand out from the dark wrapper. The Partagas Black Label Magnifico feels much like it looks, bumpy and oily. The veins provide some texture and the surface is slick from the oils. I squeeze it to see if there are any soft spots. 

I can’t detect any, just a solid cigar. Honestly, this cigar looks like it’ll either odor really funky or really sweet. It ends up being both. The foot has aromas of manure and earth. The cane has earth, hay, and a pinch of sweet molasses.